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Two thousand and one.
Two years after the end of the millenium, the kindred still believe in the end of the world.
Signs show Gehenna is coming.
Everybody has a story about Antediluvian activity,
and how strong they must be : rumors abound about the destruction of the Tremere Antitribu,

and Tales of the rising of Ravnos himself...
a creature so potent that unknown parties had to use no less than TWO nuclear warheads to
Even though most vampires don't know what it is, they just know something terrible is coming.

And the beast inside is scared.

Years and centuries of intrigue and suspicion taught vampires the art of plotting.
But with the End, Gehena, so near, kindred feel vulnerable again, almost mortal.
The beast inside though, roars and tells them, that maybe the way to escape, is to crush the others.
They think only the best will survive, the ones who can first survive their own kind and their tricky
minds and then, the events to come...

In Paris, days are almost as dark as nights.

The pullution is hiding the sun, it gives the city a yellow grey light.
At night, no stars show and the city of lights is as gloomy as the inside of some dreary tomb.
Even the bulding are now covered by dark dust and pollution, a grey veil which covers the nice
sandy color they use to have.
The nights of Paris are ruled by Franois Villon, a Toreador, Prince of paris for more than two
hundred years.
The politics of Villon to reign over Paris and the rest of france, is divide and rule.

The prince of Paris is also the Prince of France. Other main regions are controlled by the "Marquis"
under his authority.
Most of them are Ventrue and would rather have a Prince of their own.

Overall, it apears to the kindred, that the stability the Camarilla was supposed to bring to everybody
was just an illusion:
The Gangrel clan left to join the Sabbath and the few members of the clan remaining in the
Camarilla are regarded with suspicion.