CHAPTER I : "Guilty until proven innocent"; the storyteller point of view.

1. First night

An evening, not quite such as any other evening, Arvid Didier wakes up and goes for a walk, for lack of a better thing to do, soon he is joined by his Sire : Arvid is requested at the Elysium, without a word, his mentor leads him to the Louvre.

In the meanwhile, Marc des Anges-Noirs goes to his favorite club : "the Volatile". Some arrogant ghoul tells him he has to go to the Elysium, all vampires are wanted by the Prince.

As Lian Moore is getting ready to take a bite out of a young man, she is dragged in the shadows by Gilles, the Prince's councelor, who asks her to go to the Elysium, and drags her there as she doesn't seems to be willing to go.

At the Louvre, in the Prince's chamber, the Primogene are all gathered. The Prince speaks about the Sabbat, about traitors, and suddenly points an accusing finger atArvid Marc and Lian: they are the traitors from the Sabbat!
Arvid's mentor, and the malkavian primogen speak in their defense, the Prince decides : they have five days to prove their innocence, or they will be staked and left to the morning kiss.

The three of them try to find a way to solve the problem, they go to the "volatile" club to try and think. From there they decide to go to Notre Dame to find some Nosferatu, who would probably know where to find some Sabbat packs.
They take a cab to go there, but, once
at Notre Dame, they just find out that none of them have any money. The driver seems to like Lian, so to let her two companions "escape" she offers to stay and take care of the driver. Arvid and Marc get out of the car and walk around to find a Nosferatu, but it's him who finds them first. The Nos trades his information for a future owed favor: Some Sabbat hide in the 13th district.
Arvid and Marc come back to the cab and find Lian covered with blood: she killed the cab driver who was a little bit too enterprising. She fed from him too, but covered the whole thing as a murder. she lost a bit of her compation, a bit of her humanity.

2 .The second night

Lian misses the rendez-vous at the "volatile" club, so that the guys decide to go by themselves to the 13th district. This time they take the subway.
At the end of a street they can see some flame light, and hear laughter.
Marc decides to go first, and just steps in the middle of the alley way followed closely by Arvid : they are noticed right away by the group of five people there.
But a sixth hidden one comes from behind the fire : he's tall and monstrous and licks his lips at the view of Marc. Arvid immediatly uses his obfuscate to hide from the scary form, and runs to the metro, while Marc is chased until the suburbs by the" clack clack" of the Tzimisce's boots. Arrived there, Marc is annoyed by some gang who think his suit is not really fitting, Marc scares them to death by defeating the strongest of them, the steals a car and drives back to the club "volatile".

In the meanwhile, Arvid went to see his Sire to ask for advice. The man is not really talkative, but one hint strikes Arvid : " put silk on a goat and it is still a goat". The Malkavian decides to test that proverb at the Elysium. Soon he hears the same "clack clack" he heard earlier in the alley way, he turns and sees a fine vampire, looking like a toreador, but dressed exactly like the Tzimisce. He asks around and learns that the Name of the man is Constantin, and that he's been in the Parisian court for decades, he's even one of the favorites of the Prince.
Finding Gilles there, he tries to convince him that Constantin is the traitor, Gilles just advice him to refer to Villon

Lian got finally to the "volatile" club but too late, meeting a friend there, he tells her that she would probably find more evidence at the elysium than at the club. Lian listens and goes to the Elysium.

Marc gets to the "volatile" club shortly after and find his Sire Angelique. He tells her about his night, and she tells him, that there should be more to find at the Elysium.

Lian is annoyed by Toreador harpies when Marc comes in, he sees her and they start to talk, when they here a terrible screaming from the Prince's chamber : Arvid is in there trying to convince the Prince that one of his most faithfull subject is a traitor, but, as the Malkavian he his, he can't seem to make sense, Villon is ready to explode.

Marc and Lian figure out that Arvid is in trouble and decide to go and help him, after trying to understand what exactly Arvid wants to say, they explain to the Prince. Villon orders to test the blood of Constantin, who suddenly reveals his true face and form and after threatening the Camarilla with the Sabbat invasion of Paris, he vanishes into the night.

a Nosferatu violently enters the room by the door on the opposite side: the catacombs have been invaded and many of them killed : the Sabbat is in Paris, the Nosferatus had to leave for the sewers.

Villon turns towards his three new heroes, they get a new mission, somehow they'll have defeat the Sabbat's plan to invade Paris.