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Lian Moore (Chantal)

Marc des Anges-noir (Danny)

Didier Arvid (Maarten)




François Villon (prince, Toreador)

François Villon used to be a poet around 1456, he wa sired in 1463, and in 1800 he takes over the throne
François Villon is an elegant man, appears to be in his early thirties. Amazingly enough, he manages to dress up like a modern man, instead of the renaissance style favored by other elder in the city.
More than any other Prince in the world, Villon insists that etiquette be upheld.

Fantomas (Scourge/urban myth, nosferatu?)

Is he a myth or is he real? Nobody cared to find out so far or at least nobody came back to tell about it.
It is said that Fantomas could be the scourge, others whisper he wants Villon dead. Elders tell tales of some former Prince. All agree though, that those who flaunt the Traditions tend to disapear.
In the stories, he wears a black hooded cloak, and bears a reflective mask that supposedly captures the souls of those who are reflected in it.
The Tremere, of course, scoff at these tales.

Sarmont (Sheriff, Brujah)

Sarmont is a bit heavy around the waist, an ex cop, turned sheriff in the society of undead.

Maxime Le Truand (Brujah Primogen)

Eugene Puissegur (Malkavian Primogen)

Madame Yvonne (Nosferatu Primogen)

Elisabeth D'Orval (Tremere Primogen)

Gustave Delacroix (Toreador Primogen)

Armand D'Hubert (Ventrue Primogen)