Well, how to describe? Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is the main comic by Johnen Vasquez, and well, Johnny is a bit weird... but no not like that...

There that's better...

Johnny is a Homicidal Manic [rolls eyes] duh! it's said in the title. So anyway, he's favorite past time is to kill people. Or reduce them to pieces.

His favorite toy : a knife.

Well, after hard work and exhausting days, it's just a good release for me.

And here is the "family picture" :

on the left with his horns, it's Mr Diablo, or the devil if you wish.

Down on the left, his son, Pepito,

and next to him down in the center, it's Squee, a poor kid dwelled by nightmares of Johnny.

Johnny, hey? he's right in the middle, it's rare to see him in color.

Johnen also wrote two other comic books : SQUEE and I FELL SICK.

SQUEE is close to Johnny, the two stories even cross at time,

and I FEEL SICK is the first colored comic by Johnen, it shows how he got better at his drawing in that one, with a style of his own.