Ledroit is a french comic drawer, and I love his work. The scenari are usually written by Patt Mills, and I've picked my nickname: Sha, from one of their comics.

Brom has done a lot of work for the Magic cards. His univers is unique, and his colors too.

Linsler is mainly known for his comic : Dawn ...

I have discovered Goodsell by chance, I was just surfing on the net, but his work is great
Christopher Shy has mainly worked for the White Wolf Mage books, or I least taht's what I know him from.
Let say this one was a "mistake", I 've just picked those avatars from the comic book "Harkhandgels" because it was easy, but the more I look at them, the more I like them.
All of the drawing put tehere are from a french RPG: COPS, it looks like a really good game even if I never got to play it, and the graphics are great!
A nice gallery of black and white portraits, at least that's what I think.
Well, you would have guest, I saw those, I liked them, so here they are...
Some black and white pictures.