I know "Punishment Park" is the name of a movie, you'll be able to find all the infos you'd need in the section "PUNISH" down there. I didn't quite plan on naming my site after this movie, but rather after a french song, as french I am.

This is not really art eh! This is just some graphix I've done, it's up to you
either to like it or not.
This section is about anything I like. It's not done yet, but feel free to
check what's been made. Hehehe, anyway, it's faster to talk about what i like, than
about what I don't like.
This is precisaly the section where I'll talk about what I don't like,
when I feel like it of course...
How to put that clearly? well "links" is about ... well... LINKS ... hehehe
all links here are worth being seen, no bypass for friends or such...
And finally you'll find here some information about Punishment Park, the movie by Peter Watkins. it's not an easy movie... but if you're given the chance to see it, just take it!


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